Radios arrive in Zimbabwe

The Radios that BFBR helped to purchase have finally arrived in Zimbabwe!

aware rangers with radios blankets for babyrhinos

Excerpt from AWARE Trusts August newsletter:

The radios have finally arrived and been set up in Chipinge Park Zimbabwe which will greatly help the protection of their rhinos.

It is with great pleasure that we can report that the project of digitizing the radio system for Chipinge Park has been completed. With the support of the British organisation “Blankets for Baby Rhinos” ( we were able last year to purchase 21 modern radios with GPS function in South Africa, against which the old analogue and partially defective system in Chipinge was replaced. The colleagues of Blankets for Baby Rhinos in Johannesburg had also organised the interim storage for us until we found a way to transport the devices to Zimbabwe (who would like to learn more about this organisation: there are very informative videos on youtube!).

The GPS function of the radios increases the safety of rangers because they can be located in the field, also the location of each Ranger can be tracked via the Earth Ranger Program “real time”. A quantum leap in technology for the safety of rhinos and their protectors!

The old analogue system will now be used to supplement the radio equipment in Chivero Park, which is also taken care of by AWARE, until we can also carry out digitization there.

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