Julia’s visit to Zululand Rhinos – February 2019

Early in February the wonderful Julia Nicholson packed up her car for the long drive to visit Frances Hannah with a very special delivery of much needed Medical Supplies. Here is a summary of her visit (including the refreshments).

I have had a lovely visit with Frances Hannah. We had BFBR coffee and scones, chatted up a storm (we are good at that), and she is going back to the orphanage well armed with a large amount of medical supplies for the orphans… Frances was totally unaware of the medical goods coming their way and she is so very grateful at the wonderful gift. She took a photo of me doing a crazy pose with the boxes of suplies !! This I know is a hugely necessary and much needed donation. I can say a heartfelt thanks now to Robyn Carter for putting this together for us. Your gracious donation in the name of BFBR is going to make a huge difference in the daily lives of the Zululand rhinos ??.

There are beautiful blankets for the rhino carers and orphanage staff. Smaller blankets for the orphanage dogs (pets). The APU guys and orphanage guards are recieving black care packs and the girls are all receiving valentine hearts so kindly sponsored by Wendy Cornish. Thank you Wendy, again this was a surprise gift to Frances and she absolutely loves them. ❤❤

So ladies, there you have it.. an all round wonderful donation to the Zululand orphans and their carers, APU and office staff who manage the orphanage. Thank you all for your part in enabling me to be the bearer of gifts to this worthy beneficiary and spreading the love far and wide ??????

Lorraine Stewart look where your beautiful blankets are going to. Thank you for all your work, you are making a difference in many lives ???

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