BFBR has recently sponsored the Ranger of the Month from the Aware trust in Zimbabwe who manage two reserves Chipinge and Kyle both having rhinos.

Martin Kessler head of the AWARE trust Germany said this: ‘The ranger of the month is really a very good motivational tool for our rangers. Since Zimbabwe is really poor and salaries are frequently paid late our hampers come in addition to our monthly food rations that we currently give to Chipinge and Kyle Park. For the ranger of the month we have created a transparent system. Rangers are graded monthly on their achievements like extended patrols, collecting snares, catching poachers but also taking good care of equipment etc. This is documented on a grade sheet and the ranger with the highest grades gets the hamper. They always do a little reward ceremony in front of the other rangers, so everyone knows what he/she can achieve by good work. It has really boosted the moral significantly from what I hear from the senior rangers.”

BFBR are very proud to be involved in this project, something we could not do without help from donations and shop purchases.

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