Anti Poaching Unit Raffle Fundraiser

Raising R12000.00 with our fundraiser for APU, the decision was made to assist Kragga Kamma in honour of Bella the dehorned rhino that was recently murdered for her 1cm horn. We contacted Ayesha Cantor of Kragga Kamma and asked what equipment was needed for the APU .

Ayesha’s response was all we needed to know we had made the right decision.

Nita !!!!!!
That’s so incredible and unexpected and just mind blowing!
Is there no end to the wonderful work you amazing people do? 

We are in the process of installing surveillance/ camera technology, your funds will help us enormously.
Once we’re done installing etc and get his final bill I can let you have details where you can pay him directly …if that’s okay with you ?

Oh my gosh….I’m just so blown away right now. 😍

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